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2nd-Nov-2011 01:45 pm - « Rules »
Me N Donny [Favorite Mofo]
Drama - Check your baggage at the door. i don't like, want or tolerate drama. If you're a known drama llama, you will be rejected. If you start drama, you will be removed and banned. Savvy?

Hexes - Hex codes will not always be exact. What it looks like on one graphic, it may not look like on another. 95% of the time, the hexes will look lighter. Also, please try to avoid requesting in black or white. In most cases, it doesn't look good.

PRs - Please send all requests to zombiequeen629@gmail.com. When sending in requests, please send only 5 icons or 2 large graphic requests at a time so i don't get bogged down with requests.

Offers - Nobody likes an offer hog, so don't do it. As for now, there is no rule on back to back requesting but if i notice a pattern, you will only be allowed to request every other freebie.

Manners - Use what your mama taught you! i dedicate my time and effort into making your graphics. Please and thank you go a long way.

Credit - You must credit all work! Again, i dedicate my time and effort into making these. Please give me the credit i deserve.

Forms - Please use the forms provide and fill them out in their entirety. It makes things easier for me and it also gives me all the info i need.

Pick Ups - Please pick up all requests within a week. i like to keep my photobucket updated and clear of old requests. Timely pick ups allow me to do so. If you are going on vacation or hiatus, please let me know beforehand.

Usage - All graphics are to remain on livejournal, only [Unless you directly ask me first]. No exceptions. Breaking this rule will result in banning.

Pictures - Please only request with high quality photos. No grainy, webcam or cell phone photos will be used. Bad quality photos = bad quality graphics. Also, please don't use the same pictures over and over. It gets old. And unless a graphic is specifically designed for it, please do NOT use celebrity or tv show photos.

Animation - i don't do it. i'm trying to learn but until the process is perfected, i won't make any graphics with animation.

You all can use this promo button to pimp the community out! ♥
Thanks to each and every one of you that has promoted me. Since it's the season of thanks, if you get at least 1 person to join, i'll give you a custom icon!

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